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O. Wolf | Extern. Arthroscopic view of a complex tear of the lateral meniscus of the right knee causing pain, swelling and catching. The shape of the meniscus is semi-discoid,  Augmentation of Meniscal Repair With Bone Marrow Stimulation Techniques age Exclusion Criteria: - discoid meniscus - arthritic changes (Kellgren Lawrence  Discoid Meniscus: Histology.- Technique of Meniscoplasty and Meniscal Repair in Children.- Meniscus Lesions in Children-Indications and Results.- Synthesis. menisken. • Double PCL sign.

Discoid meniscus

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Tillståndet kan vara kongenitalt. 1. Bildgalleri. Klicka på bilden för att förstora den. A discoid meniscus is an anatomical variant from the normal crescent-shaped meniscus.

Red arrow indicating discoid medial meniscus on T2-weighted image, and blue arrow indicating discoid medial meniscus on T1-weighted image.

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Discoid meniscus

Strong suggestive findings on magnetic resonance imaging includes a thickened meniscal body seen on more than two contiguous sagittal slices. Signs of a discoid meniscus can include: 1  Popping sensations of the knee Knee swelling Pain along the outer side of the knee Pain with squatting/kneeling Discoid lateral meniscus is a common abnormal meniscal variant in children. Detailed history and physical examination combined with an MRI of the knee predictably diagnose a discoid meniscus. The clinical presentation varies from being asymptomatic to snapping, locking, and causing severe pain and swelling of the knee.

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Discoid meniscus

2 dagar sedan · The discoid meniscus is an anatomic variant that primarily affects the lateral meniscus. Rarely, it has also been shown to affect the medial side. Watanabe [45] has classified the discoid meniscus What is a discoid meniscus? A discoid meniscus is an abnormally shaped meniscus in the knee. Because of its abnormal shape, it is more prone to injury than a  Although uncommon, the discoid lateral meniscus is more prone to injury because of its increased thickness and lack of blood supply.

The aim of the present study is to build a software implementation of a previous study and to diagnose discoid lateral menisci on knee joint radiograph images. A total of 160 images from normal individuals and patients who were diagnosed with discoid lateral menisci were included.

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noisome 43611. meniscus.

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Some authors have reported that on finding a Discoid Meniscus on leg scanned, the other leg has revealed an asymptomatic Discoid Meniscus in 79-97% of people. Red arrow indicating discoid medial meniscus on T2-weighted image, and blue arrow indicating discoid medial meniscus on T1-weighted image. Enlarged saucer-like appearance to the medial meniscus extending to the intercondylar notch was identified on the right knee in keeping with radio graphical diagnosis of discoid meniscus. Figure 4: Discoid meniscus is an abnormal meniscus that is thicker than normal and has a different shape and texture that usually affects the lateral meniscus of the knee 1). Healthy meniscus is shaped like crescent moons (in fact, “meniscus” comes from the Greek word for crescent). Second, a discoid meniscus is unstable.

aa aah aahed aahing aahs aal aalii aaliis aals aardvark

; 13:1, s.

Courtesy: John M. Davis, III, MD, Division of  Jul 18, 2016 However, discoid menisci consist of uniformly thick tissue rather than the central taper of a normally shaped meniscus.